First Families Cookbook

Do you have family recipes from the 1700s or 1800s that you would like to share? We are also looking for photographs and family stories. Why? The Bolduc House Museum is compiling an illustrated cookbook using recipes, family stories, and photographs from the earliest families who settled in Ste. Genevieve County. We’ll sell the cookbook to raise money for our Rozier Library and Heritage Room. Here’s how you can contribute your family recipes, stories, and photographs. To submit a family recipe, story, or photograph please email these details to: [email protected]

Vegetable Steamer

Waffle Iron



Mortar and Pestle


 Recipe Title: Ingredients: (list each item and the amount)

Directions: (Include each step, the temperature of the oven if baking is involved, and any tips that make the recipe work well)

Number of Servings:

How old is the recipe?

What family member is famous for making it? Is there a photograph of this person – if so, please consider contributing it to our cookbook as well.

Where the family settled, when, where they came from, and any particular information you think we should mention.
Your name, telephone number and email address


 Write the story in 200 words or less. It can be about food or recipes but it does not have to be.

Say the family name, where you settled, when and where you came from.

Your name, telephone number and email address


Please email jpeg files of photographs. If you do not have digital copies of the photo, we can scan yours for you.


Email us information about the photograph, identifying the people, places, dates, and events in the picture.

Your name, telephone number and email address