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New France - The OTHER Colonial America
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Hands-on History Room

History You Can Play With

Please touch and explore everything in our Hands-On History Room (located in the Bolduc-LeMeilleur House) at your own pace. If you wish to leave a request, contact us via form at

This is a work in progress to make French Colonial Missouri History accessible and fun for the children who visit us.

A multi-purpose space, the Hands-on History Room will also provide classroom space and an art gallery.

Follow the French along the Mississippi River and see the various animals they would have encountered—It’s a felt board so you can move the pieces

Mississippi River and Animals

Guess which items in the Museum collection came from

  • deer
  • birds
  • bear
  • plants
  • minerals
  • trees

Explore an interactive time-line and connect important French Colonial American people with their pictures and accomplishments

Interactive Time Line

Play with the Bolduc Dollhouse or with the reproduction Bolduc kitchen tools and baby dolls

Bolduc Dollhouse

Trace the Bolduc family tree...........

Follow Dr. Connally’s architectural drawings and try to make a Norman Truss using blocks.....

 Figure out what happened when a shipment of French Colonial furniture was damaged on the way from Montreal, Canada to Sainte Genevieve, MO in 1957


Parlez-vous français?

Learn to speak a few French words while you are here

  • Chat - cat
  • Histoire - history
  • Bonjour - hello
  • comment vous appelez-vous? - what is your name?
  • Je adore les chats - I adore cats
  • Je déteste les écureuils. - I detest squirrels.

Play some colonial games like dominoes or continental checkers in French!

Cook pretend corn on the cob using tools that look like the ones in the Bolduc House Kitchen

Tools in Bolduc House Kitchen used for Cooking Corn on the Cob

Put one of the baby dolls on a re-created version of the potty high chair that you can see in the Bolduc House bedroom

Potty High Chair

Our Hero Hard at Work at History

Zuts Smoking Pipe

How You Can Help

Help us to make the Hands-on History Room a reason to visit Sainte Genevieve by becoming one of our business partners.

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About French Colonial Missouri History

1720s – French entrepreneurs arrive in this region and open the lead mines. They live on the east side of the Mississippi River

1730s – French colonial Americans living in Kaskaskia begin farming on the west side of the Mississippi River in the Grand Champ (Big Field)

1740s – Ste. Genevieve becomes a town on its first location east and south of where it is today 1760s – Louis Bolduc arrives in Ste. Genevieve, from St. Joachim, New France, a refugee from the French and Indian War

1763 – Louisiana is transferred from France to Spain and Great Britain becomes the colonial ruler east of the Mississippi River and St. Louis becomes a village

1780-1785 – Ste. Genevieve experiences repeated Mississippi River floods

1792 – Ste. Genevieve relocates to its present site

1800 – France reacquires Louisiana from Spain

1804 – Louisiana is purchased by the United States

1821 – Missouri becomes a state