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New France - The OTHER Colonial America
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Museum Kids

Do you want to know what it was like to live in Missouri during the eighteenth century? Thanks to seven year old Henry Brackenridge you can. He was sent to Ste. Genevieve in 1793 by his father in Philadelphia to learn French. He stayed for three years and returned when he was a grown-up. Then he wrote several books with detailed information about his time in Ste. Genevieve—playing with clay marbles, learning to shoot arrows with Shawnee Indian boys, learning to dance the minuet at children’s balls after mass, and being really really sick. We’ll show you what his experience would have been like using his own words.

Are you 14 years old or older and want to do some community service? We’re always looking for volunteers. Are you a Boy Scout who needs to do an Eagle Scout project? Call us to find out more at 573-883-3105

Regarding Our Heroic Squirrel Mascot, Zuts

Zut's Paw Print

Find the footprints made by Zuts, our virtual mascot!

He is a grey squirrel descended from ‘Tit Monsieur, the secret pet of Agatha Bolduc who learned to read and write and started a journal of his observations of the humans in the Bolduc House.

In the museum, every artifact marked with one of Zuts’ footprints can be touched.

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Zuts Official PhotographZut's Official Photograph
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Join Zuts’ Birthday Club if you are between 1 and 12 years old.

Our literate squirrel will send you a birthday card.

get free admission and a birthday sticker when you come to the Museum during your birthday week.

Hold your birthday party here, too!!

Join Zuts' Birthday Club

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Children's Activities

Homeschoolers Repair Bousilliage

Homeschoolers Repair BousilliageHomeschoolers learn how to repair the bousilliage on the 18th century vertical log Bolduc House

Visitors learn how draft horses helped open Missouri to colonial settlers.

Home School Day with Horses photo by Peter Vagt_1320Home School Day with Horses

A Camera Camper Makes a Photo Frame

A Camera Camper Makes a Photo Frame

French and Indian War Drills

Children Practice French and Indian War Drills

Salt Makers Relay Race

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