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Back of the Bolduc House showing the gardens
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New France - The OTHER Colonial America
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The Linden House

Here you will find:

Begin your visit at our Linden House which is located directly across Main Street from the Bolduc House. Built in 1820, our shop, parlor, and center hall gallery are in the original part of the house. More information about the house is available at

The Linden House contains our offices as well. The kitchen is a center of activity for all sorts of hands-on classes and the basement is used for growing young plants.

The Linden House

The Parlor

Whet your appetite for the rest of your Bolduc House Museum experience by watching the video in the parlor. It is a lovely room that doubles as the headquarters for The National Society of the Colonial Dames of America in the State of Missouri.

On proud display here:

  • Documentation that we are on the National Register of Historic Places
  • Our Preserve America Award
  • Our Designation as a National Historic Landmark
Linden House Parlor

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The Gallery Hallway

Making Salt by Grant Kniffen
Making Salt by Grant Kniffen

The gallery was the original porch which explains why there are steps up to the other rooms. It contains a fabulous painting by Grant Kniffen (See right). Dubbed “Making Salt”, this painting illustrates how Louis Bolduc and his partners processed salt from the nearby Saline Creek in the late 18th century. There is always something interesting in our exhibit case at the end of the gallery. We change the exhibit about once every six weeks.

The Gallery Hallway in the Linden House
Making Salt by Grant Kniffen

The Shop

Zuts in the bookshelf

Step up to get into the shop. It is filled with affordable mementoes of our French colonial American site. For some reason we have quite a few squirrel-themed items, as well, for sale in the shop – not for pecans, though, no matter what Zuts tries to tell you.

Our online shop is at

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The Rozier Library & Heritage Room

More than 400 rare books comprise the Rozier Library collection. They were donated to the Bolduc House Museum from the Ste. Genevieve School District and we make them available to the community when a curator is present with an appointment. Many of the books are in French. Some were published in the 18th century. The subjects span Catholic devotional books, early text books in French and English, and early Missouri law books. The Colonial Dames also have a collection of books here. We are expanding our collection to include genealogy resources and other items that local historians need. In addition to the books in the library, upstairs is where our archives are stored – original 18th century documents, photographs of the restoration of the Bolduc House and much more.

We have a whole page on The Rozier Library & Heritage Room.

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The Offices

The main museum office is in the Linden House across the Gallery Hallway from the Shop – you can always interrupt whoever is in the office because here, you, the visitor, are the most person and priority of our day – Don’t tell Zuts the Squirrel, though. He thinks everything revolves around him.

Our curator’s office is upstairs.

The Kitchen

Pottery Class in Kitchen
It looks cool and we do our Native American Ceramics classes in there but it isn’t that special. Really we use it as a kitchen and our staff break room. Of course, if you are holding a reception, wedding, or other event in the Linden House Yard, you may borrow the kitchen and the adjoining service area for your preparations.

The Boxwoods

The grove of Ste. Genevieve boxwoods in the Linden House Yard is probably 250 years old. We can fit a whole fourth grade class with their teachers and parent chaperones inside the bushes and, from the outside, the group cannot be seen at all!

While you are outside, don’t miss the Lewis & Clark Garden. Zuts would direct you to the pecan tree in the center of the yard. If it is fall, watch for falling pecans!

the Boxwoods

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The Plant Nursery

Patti raises most of the heirloom vegetables and herbs for our gardens in the basement plant nursery on the south side of the Linden House.

If she’s around when you visit, she’ll probably let you see the seedlings in the nursery – the steps are pretty steep. Zuts likes to sneak into this place to nibble on the tender shoots which makes Patti mad.

The south side of the Lindenhouse has greenhouse windows for the nurseryThe south side of the Lindenhouse has greenhouse windows for the nursery

The Linden House is a great place to hang out while you wait for the next guided tour of the Bolduc and LeMeilleur Houses to begin.

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