shield of the Bolduc House Museum: New France
Back of the Bolduc House showing the gardens
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New France - The OTHER Colonial America
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Are We in Your Plans?

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Bringing a Group?

  • Your students, scouts or campers won't ever forget their visit to the Bolduc House Museum (more specific information about the museum can be found at
  • Not only is the place amazing to see, the games and colonial activities that you can arrange for us to include help each person connect to the 18th century through play and the five senses.
  • Call us to reserve your time and to plan your visit!

Looking for an Affordable Place to Hold an Event?

Call or us for details.

  • Weddings
  • Birthday Parties
  • Business Meetings
  • Small Conferences in a Unique Atmosphere

Sign up to attend a class, workshop, or special event. One event that we alwaysl need a sign up for is New Year’s Eve – Parlor Games while waiting for La Guignole to arrive

Print the information and application out before you call to arrange your event. NOTHING is set in stone. We will work to make your special event uniquely yours.

The Perfect Format for Your Special Day

Bolduc Salon Set Up for an Evening Event

Bolduc Salon Set Up for an Evening Event

Good Times....

Tables Set Up for an Event

A Luncheon on the Lawns

Tables Outside

Zuts' Daily Schedule

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Be Outraged at SOMETHING!!
Gather Pecans
5:30 AM Sleep...

Fun. Amazing. An Experience

You'll walk away with something a lot better than a lousy T-shirt!

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