Calypso Laminate Flooring

Calypso Laminate Flooring in 5 Point of View

Became the necessity of the house, the floor is a must thing to take care. If you are newly buying a house, you need to look out for the flooring. It’s possible if the floor’s not strong enough for mass traffic. You can also see the quality of the floor.

In case they use a tile, the break or missing part of tile could be a sign they were damaged before. Indeed, this is the developer responsibility.

By understanding how important the durability of the floor in your house, you may need an alternative to keep your floor from damage. You can use laminate flooring to secure your subfloor.

However, you need to choose the floor that has a strong texture. A Calypso laminate flooring may resolve your worries about the floor in your house. To know more about Calypso, here’s the information.

Calypso Laminate Flooring Cost

An average laminate flooring cost $2 – $8 for per square foot of the product. In another hand, the hard flooring price range from $8 – $10. The price also varies from the quality that the customer search and the technology that become features in the laminate flooring.

It’s not included with the shipping fee and installation cost. You may also spend more expenses on buying additional material to install the laminate flooring.

A Calypso laminate flooring is considered as medium-quality of laminate flooring. Their price range from $2 – $4. That’s not a big price if it’s for laminate flooring. In the store, their price could be lessened.

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It’s because of the cycle of a supplier. The more you distribute to another party, the more you add on the price.

But if it’s from a store, you will get an exact price. Sometimes, it’s not convenience because we didn’t have a lot to pick up.

You can also buy laminate flooring from the internet. Calypso can be bought in laminate flooring marketplace.

The price may be added from $0.30 – $0.50. Usually, the supplier marked up the price higher than before if they don’t have any discount while buying it from the official store.

If you want to reduce the expenses of spending, you can check for any discount in the marketplace.

You can also buy it in a bulk or buy it with your friend to keep up the cost.

Calypso Laminate Flooring Durability

We should take a look for laminate flooring durability if we want to buy it. As for Calypso laminate flooring, their durability is quite good. They are water-resistant and makes the flooring didn’t absorb the water while it’s poured to the surface.

The laminate flooring is suitable for the kitchen and bathroom. The flooring won’t easily break up and you can submit a warranty if the floor in your bathroom become wet and damaged.

The Calypso laminate flooring also has thicker planks in their product. The thick is 12mm and added by 2m of the underlayment. It’s attached each other so you don’t have to put much glue or nail when installing it.

It’s one of the technologies that Lamett AtrroGuard gives to Calypso laminate flooring and it’s proved successful. The texture they make is an answer to the strong durability of thinker Calypso laminate flooring.

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While the Calypso laminate flooring could be placed in every room, they also have wide planks for their product. It will make your room tidier and it matched for the room that needs wide laminate flooring.

Along with their another feature, you can take care of the flooring easier and that won’t waste your time to decorate your lovely house.

Calypso Laminate Flooring Colour & Styles

In choosing the laminate flooring, we also need to look up for the colour & styles that they offered. The more varied the design and colour, the freer for the customer to choose what they want.

As for Calypso laminate flooring, the design of the product is maple and oak. There is also another wood-alike laminate flooring, but it’s not available as much as the maple and oak.

It’s part of their marketing strategy to balance with the other.

For the colour, there is 8 colour collection in Calypso laminate flooring. Most of them are brown, so we called it a brown family. But don’t take it as old ones and worn colour.

They polished the colour of the laminate flooring and make it classic just as the European design their house. It’s suitable for your study room.

Calypso Laminate Flooring Installation

The installation of Calypso is pretty easy. While the other seeking for additional materials to put the laminate flooring in the subfloor, you can just install them without attached any of underlayment again.

They also have wider planks, so it makes the installation didn’t spend much time. You may only need a tape measure and a little nail to make them strong enough to be installed. With DIY video, you can install it by yourself.

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But if you didn’t have much time to install by yourself, you can hire a professional to do the installation. Rather than spending time with something you don’t know first, you can do anything related to your work and turn over the task to install to the professional.

They also know how to repair something when an unpredictable thing happens. In short words, they will shorten the time of your installation process.

Calypso Laminate Flooring Testimonials

Not many people say the Calypso bad for their house. Most of them say it’s a suitable laminate flooring for their house. They choose it by price, quality, and design.

It is said in the review, that they are satisfied enough to take the product because they have more than average features and quality.

The rating may not be perfect, but it’s good for the mid-quality level. Maintenance your laminate flooring also significant for your house. Try to not clean the laminate flooring with the wet mop and strong chemical cleaner.

It could make the laminate flooring stain and the colour become faded. Just use a dampen cloth, and spray the laminate flooring cleaner through the flooring.

Wipe it carefully. You can use vacuum cleaner first before you mop that.

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