shield of the Bolduc House Museum: New France
Back of the Bolduc House showing the gardens
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New France - The OTHER Colonial America
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Captain Bob's Company at a Camp

Come, Explore, Imagine and Discover … A different time and culture…a different Colonial American experience. Come explore French colonial history as it was in this Missouri's first town. Colonial Ste. Genevieve was a Community of Cultures - French, American Indian, and African - where life depended on the Mississippi River, where empires clashed and combined, where producers of grain, lead, salt, indigo, tobacco, and pork like our Louis Bolduc prospered under the colonial regimes of both France and Spain until 1803 when Louisiana was purchased for a mere $15,000,000 by the United States. Come, explore, imagine and discover New France: The Other Colonial America at the Bolduc House Museum.

Springtime in the Garden at the Bolduc House

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