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Back of the Bolduc House showing the gardens
New France - The OTHER Colonial America
Fleur-de-lisThe Bolduc House Museum Fleur-de-lis


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Zuts sorts through pecan boxes

"Pages and Pages and PAGES! AND PAGES!!! More and MORE PAGES! PAGES! PAGES COMING! PAGES GOING! LINKED PAGES! Let me see, where IS that PAGE? More pages are COMING and some are GOING!! How can I keep track of ALL THESE PAGES?? I may run out of pecans what with all these PAGES!! Maybe I will have to use ACORNS! Or CURATORS! This is CONFUSING! You can click on the names of the pages to go PLACES but not the PECANS!! You are my friend! You DO like my website, right? You can come down to Ste. Genevieve and SEE ME in person! And take a CAT back with you! There are too many CATS around here and they ALL EAT SQUIRRELS! Or try to! I am a friend to all small creatures everywhere but I also have to do this WEBSITE! And the CATS hack it! I HATE CATS! Come down here and take a CAT! Take two CATS! Take them all! Please! You can take a CAT with you!"