Thanks to the charitable actions of that grand Dame of the Bolduc House, L.P.B., the on-line shop has been turned over to the CATS. Humans may still purchase goods in person or over the phone, but for now we own this page.  And why should we tell you how much anything costs? We are cats, after all, and NOT into cooperation, which is something for dogs and squirrels and other lower forms of life.

Item Name (mostly books) Don't bother looking in this column. Description Cost
1 Thus Spake Zuts Why are you reading this? A very long book with little content. Niezsche plagirized it for something he wrote.  
2 Tomcat Sawyer How annoying. Twain's original inspiration, written by a cat.  
3  Do Squirrels Have Intelligence? I am ignoring you.  A philosophical study, musings and essays on this silly question. Any cat can tell you they have fat instead of brains.  
4 A Day in the Life of Ivan Siamesovich Feed me. Some Russian author stole this one from a cat.  
5 Portait of a Cat Cats rule. It is good to know many squirrels died during the sitting.  
4-3 Portait of a Squirrel I am still ignoring you. The doormat is one in Ste. Genevieve.  The squirrel is unrecognizable and was eated shortly after the painting was made.  
5 Squirrel Anatomy I am cute when I ignore you. Item is life sized with detail of veins shown.  
6 Recipes for BiLingual Squirrrels Zuts gave me his password to the site. Typically the fat content is extremely high, so they need special preparation prior to cat consumption.  
7 Beocat In ancient Egypt they worshipped cats. Those were the days! Someone rewrote this fine old cat work as Beowulf. The nerve!  
8 Squirrel pans No culture ever survived that worshipped squirrels. Set of four.   Useful for a brood of kittens that are not yet meticulous eaters.  
8 The Wisdom of Zuts Zuts  is as stupid in French as he is in English. Said to be the shortest book in the world.  
9 'How to Succeed in Squirrel Hunting without Really Trying' Such stupidity as his cannot be contained in one language. It spills over. Another book stolen by the humans. This is the original.  
10 Unit Study Still reading this, huh?
 Get a life. Become a cat.
 The Downfall of the Lord of the Squirrels - a brave kitten takes a squirrel to the fiery volcano
 and eats it (you think we would waste it by throwing it in??)