Choose Best Underlayment for Your Laminate Flooring

Steps to Choose Best Underlayment for Your Laminate Flooring

While decide to use laminate flooring in your house, you need to pay attention to several details. From regarding the cost of laminate flooring, the installation, the style of laminate flooring, and many others.

You also have to understand that to reduce the laminate flooring noise or to make them last for long period, there are additional materials that need to be added when the installation process.

One of the additional materials of laminate flooring is underlayment. We do already know that underlayment used for the subfloor to get attached with laminate flooring. While doing that function, they also impact for laminate flooring durability.

If you in a moment where you choose underlayment now, you can scroll down to read our article about choosing the right underlayment for your laminate flooring.

Knowing The Type of Underlayment

To know further about underlayment use and function, we need to find out for the type of underlayment. It’s important for your laminate flooring installation because the stronger laminate, the more durable laminate flooring will become.

In the underlayment, some features support the laminate flooring to resist the weigh when it used.

Read the explanation below carefully.

  1. Standard foam underlayment

The standard foam underlayment consists of a thin layer of foam materials. They take apart as a cushion for laminate flooring and subfloor. It’s same as if you put the tempered glass to protect your handphone screen. They also protect the exaggerated noise caused by traffic in top of the laminate flooring.

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For the watery areas, this type of underlayment is not recommended. The foam will be absorbed the water faster and make there’s no cushion between the subfloor and laminate flooring. It will damage your floor.

  • Combination foam underlayment

This type of underlayment is like mid-quality of product. It’s not that perfect, but it’s better than the standard. By using the combination foam underlayment, you will have a vapour barrier and secure the laminate flooring from humidity or water.

They keep the areas between the subfloor and laminate flooring dry, so it won’t break easily. It is suitable for any texture and match for moist areas condition such as a bathroom or kitchen.

  • Cork underlayment

The most expensive underlayment goes to cork underlayment. The main function of this underlayment is to reduce the noise. Usually, its use for the residential with mass traffic.

The cork underlayment will prevent the damage by resisting the weigh between the subfloor and laminate flooring. The uneven surfaces could also handle by this underlayment.

Cork underlayment is not water-resistant. If you want to make it water-resistant, you should lay a sheet of plastic when installation.

Consider for The Concrete and Plywood Subfloors

Another important part to attached underlayment is you need to see the subfloor of your home. The materials that use in your subfloor will affect your necessity for underlayment.

In this explanation, we will tell you the difference between concrete and plywood subfloors and how you should choose for the underlayment if you already know the type of subfloors.

  1. Concrete Subfloors
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You know that your subfloors were concrete if it allows water to let when it pouring. The concrete subfloors have wide porous so it makes the water easily to flow. It will make the laminate flooring warp and loose, then the gap will not be close properly.

We recommend you to install the underlayment with the vapour barrier to avoid air and water enter inside your laminate flooring.

You can pick the underlayment with thin foam that made from polypropylene or polyethene to be attached between the subfloor and laminate flooring.

  • Plywood Subfloors

Different from the concrete subfloors, the plywood is free from water absorption because the wood it’s breathable things. They take air and water because they need, not because they are porous material. In this case, you won’t need any of vapour barrier feature.

But, it’s exceptional for the moisture areas such as the bathroom. You need to use water-resistant underlayment to maintain a good quality of the laminate flooring.

Pick for Insulation and Noise Reduction

The laminate flooring needs specific features of the underlayment as we already told before. The laminate flooring that installed in moisture area should be attached with water-resistant underlayment.

That also happens to the laminate flooring installed in the living room. We need to know that R-value or heat level is significant for the underlayment. It makes the laminate flooring feel warmer and dry.

To make that happen, you have to see for the R-value in the underlayment. If you pick high R-value underlayment, your laminate flooring will be warm and dry for a long time. Another thing to see when we pick special feature is the effectiveness of the noise reduction that resulted.

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You could choose the cork underlayment if you want to gather the sound and keep it. The combination underlayment will also work if there’s noise reduction feature in that.

Look Out for Antimicrobial Underlayment

The health of your laminate flooring determined by the antimicrobial feature in the underlayment.

If you have children or pet in your house, you need to installing antimicrobial underlayment to ensure their foot didn’t bring up any bacteria again while stepping to the floor in your house.

As for the cork underlayment, they have the antimicrobial feature naturally.

Choose The Laminate Flooring with Attached Underlayment

To save the expenses, you can also choose the attached underlayment in the laminate flooring. They usually come up one package with the laminate flooring.

The price also more affordable if you buy both things separated. The special features like automatic locking system and water-resistant may be added for the convenience of the customer.

You can see for the brand in the online market place. Beside ensure the best for the underlayment, you need to adjust you’re the quality of underlayment with the budget you decide.

It’s not that you can’t spend on the underlayment  but you need to calculate again the expenses to manage it.

Moreover, if you want to hire a professional, you should prepare more cost. You can choose the mid-quality of underlayment to maintain the expenses.

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