Benefits of IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring

The 5 Benefits of IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring

Nowadays, people are using laminate flooring to decorate their houses. Besides it’s cheaper than the hard flooring, the laminate flooring is easy to be found. They also have lots of styles, various quality, and efficiently matched with anything.

You can pick it freely and try to suit that with your walls and room. For example, if it’s for the bedroom, then you can pick for the pastel colour and modern style.

While choosing the best laminate flooring for your house, you need to know the thickness and materials used in the process of laminate flooring.

There is laminate flooring that made from the real wood and it’s been certified, also the one who claims they lower the emission rating of the laminate flooring. One of them is IVC Balterio.

If you want to find out more about the IVC Balterio laminate flooring, you can scroll down to know it.

IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring Cost

In laminate flooring, you have to search for big deal price. That means you need to compare the price with the benefit that you will get. First, you need to check for the hard flooring.

Before the laminate flooring become popular, the hard flooring used by lots of households. It’s quite pricey but they believe in making their house comfortable. As for the hard flooring, per square foot cost for $8 – $10.

It’s thicker for 4mm than average laminate flooring and has a strong texture. No wonder why our grandfather money always spends on the housing necessity.

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As for the laminate flooring, you only need to pack $2 – $8 to get a box of the product. The price difference comes with the quality that they offered.

The special features like automatic locking system, attached pad, or double coating will cost more than $2. The thickness of the product also varies from the price.

You’ll get standard 8mm thick if you decide to spend about $2 – $3. But, it’s good enough to reduce the noise of the 2nd floor.

For IVC Balterio, you get to spend $2.50 – $4.00 to get the box of their laminate flooring. The thickness also differs from the budget you determine on buying laminate flooring. They have 12mm thick and 8mm thick laminate flooring.

So it could be saying that 12mm thick is more expensive than 8mm. The prices may vary from where you buy it.

The online market place often gives a discount, but there are also offline stores that give you a package and it’s cheaper than in online market place.

IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring Appearance

You’ll get overwhelmed by the IVC Balterio laminate flooring design and colour. Their collection may not as much as the other laminate flooring, but it’s made with a speciality so you can feel the extraordinary effort they put in their product.

Let’s get to know the IVC Balterio laminate flooring collection.

  1. The Metropolitan

This collection offers you a European style of modern life. It’s matched with their name. There are Vulcanic Pine, Stormy Willow, Parisian Fig and many others for the colour and design of the collection.

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The style is suitable if you want your room to become trendy yet in an exclusive way. The Metropolitan is recommended if you wanna feel like you are in Europe.

  • Heritage

The Heritage mostly gives warm and quite saturated colour to be chosen. It’s not that the collection has bored and old colour and style, but it fits the rustic touches for a room.

There are Sweet Magnolia, French Barrel Oak, Mystic Everwood, and Spiced Hickory that will make your room feel connected to nature.

  • Traditions

IVC Baltimore respect for the traditional design that our ancestors leave as time goes by. By this traditions collection, they hope the people who love this style will choose it to decorate their house and bring back the 1800s again.

The wood patterns are Teak, Cherry, Maple, and Oak. The style design naturally so you will like how the details work.

IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring Special Feature

The IVC Balterio laminate flooring determined to become one of the companies that apply the principles of “reduce, reuse, and recycle”.

They take the environmental issue seriously and make each for their product lower the emission rate up to 250%. During the disposal, they separated the recycle materials and make it again for the laminate flooring.

Surely, with additional technology and feature, it becomes new and can be used again for laminate flooring.

They also reuse heat energy by using solar power and wind. Complete with the heat reclamation, they press the emission rating and succeed to create an environmentally friendly and doing the process of the green initiative.

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By using their product, you already save the world with a little step toward to keep our world and ecosystem healthy.

IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring Warranty

Like the other laminate flooring, they also have a warranty for the product. Residential use always gave a longer warranty than commercial use.

It’s reasonable regarding the higher mass traffic in commercial use than for residential use. For the residential use, the IVC Balterio has 25 years of warranty while the commercial use is 5 years.

They also have a “life” warranty that equally 33 years of warranty.

IVC Balterio Laminate Flooring Testimonials

The reviewers said that IVC Balterio is easy to installed and easy to maintenance. They didn’t find any difficulties when installing the laminate flooring.

They also satisfied with the laminate flooring styles and colour. It suitable for every room because they have many collections. But as the installation of the planks, it’s said that it becomes pretty complicated because it requires glued the laminate flooring since there is no attached pad.

As for any other laminate flooring, IVC Balterio needs to be maintained periodically. By cleaning the dust, debris, and dirt, there won’t be any accident caused by laminate flooring.

Mop for the water also if you pour the water over the flooring. That will make your laminate flooring fragile because of the water.

We recommend you to clean the laminate flooring with a vacuum cleaner first, then spray the laminate flooring cleaner.

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