Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring

The Advantages of Using Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring

It’s not a new thing in the market if you promote with mid-quality details but you get standard-quality materials. People are competing for something that happens in a crowd. As a buyer or consumer, you need to be extra careful about that.

You have to pay attention to the materials they use, the treatment they put in their product, and other things that affected the quality of the product.

For the laminate flooring, it’s a plus value if the product does finish with a coating. The smooth and anti-stain coating will make the laminate home flooring last for a long period.

One of the laminate floorings that has the premium coating is Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring. They intend to make durable laminate flooring with strong material.

If you want to know more about that, look to our article below.

About Bruce Park Avenue

100 years make innovation in hardwood flooring and high-quality laminate flooring, Bruce Park Avenue become the famous choice between everyone in the industry.

They keep the good product with an affordable and worthy price. This Armstrong brand is one of a kind and makes people choose the product freely because of their collection and colour they provide to the customer.

Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring Cost

We should talk about the price by comparing the other flooring and laminate flooring products, to the advantages we take.

For the hardwood flooring, it cost more than $8 to get beyond standard quality. Indeed, they made it from specific materials and real wood. But the flawless of the product is they are hard to maintain.

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You should polish them, you can’t use the usual floor cleaner or it will damage the hardwood flooring.

Lots of extra things to do. It’s reasonable because of the premium things they offered.

Meanwhile, an average laminate flooring cost from $2 – $8. We assume that $8 is very high priced and you can get tons of feature in the laminate flooring.

They may be not real, but the maintenance is easy. They are polished enough and just need a laminate cleaner for cleaning.

The premium quality of the laminate flooring offer for additional thickness from the underlayment.

Most of the product also has an automatic locking system.

As for Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring, the cost for $3 to $5 per box and the width is about 13 square feet. It’s quite large wide and can be used in a large room.

In other words, you can also save your money for buying Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring. Varies of price may depend on where you buy, but the online stores don’t always offer cheap price.

You can stroll to another store that sells laminate flooring to ask about Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring.

Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring Styles

Buying laminate flooring need to be one package with additional choice. Quality can’t be the only factor to choose laminate flooring. We will also see the additional features, collection of the laminate flooring, and any other.

For the Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring, they have several colours that can be chosen for you.

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Most of their product is to mimic real wood, so it may be suitable for your study room or living room.

There are Exotic Walnut, Pradoo, Mocha Maple, Makore, Fruitwood Select, and Amber. It’s a nice colour with the fresh choice of wood-alike laminate flooring.

If you are searching for the trendy and chic colour and styles, unfortunately, you’ll be out of choices. You can search for another laminate flooring that provides the colours and styles you want to choose.

You can buy this one only for the room that will be good if you put wood-alike laminate flooring.

Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring Construction

The Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring has excellent quality of the construction.

They have five-inch-wide planks for each box the customer buy. It helps if there’s a customer in a trial for laminate flooring so they didn’t have to spend extra expenses on that.

In the other hand, the laminate flooring of Bruce Park Avenue has 12-mm thickness. It could resist the mass traffic of the people who stepped to the flooring.

For balancing the planks, the Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring has bevelled edges in each of their parts. The purpose to create bevelled edges is too close the gap of the flooring and make the attachment strong.

It could not breakdown easily and will be easy to maintain. Too much bevel in the edges will make people stumbling. But, a small bevel will make the gaps can’t be closed.

So, the standard bevelled edges will balance your floor with that.

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Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring Testimonials

A lot of reviewers say that their house feels wider than the previous laminate flooring. The effect of wide-planks affected to the installation.

Although there are not many choices of design, they say their home feel alive when they already installed the Bruce Park Avenue laminate flooring.

The reviewers say they install the laminate flooring in living room and bedroom.

The high-gloss finishing and renewable fibre sources also become reasons why the reviewers decide to choose Bruce Park Avenue for their laminate flooring.

It won’t make the colour stain and reduce the emission of product that created when laminate flooring is in process. While pick for the best quality, they also save the environment.

Bruce Park Avenue Laminate Flooring Installation

Installing laminate flooring can’t be so hard if you ever do it or if you pay attention to the DIY. You can prepare for the rubber, tape measure and nails to install them all.

Indeed, you need to clean the subfloor first before you install the laminate flooring. If you can’t install it, we highly recommend you to hire a professional.

Whether the laminate flooring is high-quality or standard-quality, you have to ensure that you keep good maintenance for them. The resistance of each laminate flooring depends on how you take care of them.

To clean the dust, dirt and debris in your laminate flooring, you can use a vacuum cleaner. After that, you need to dampen the cloth and put the laminate flooring cleaner.

It’s recommended way to clean.

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