Quick Step Laminate Flooring

What You Should Know About Quick Step Laminate Flooring

To decorate your home, you must search for the information regarding the decoration you want to use. If you need to paint your wall, then you can scroll on the internet for a water-resistant paint.

The same thing also goes when you are about to laminate the flooring. You can start to find out on the internet and pick up the styles and durability of the laminate flooring, including their quality.

In deciding which laminate flooring you may choose, we have a recommendation for you to the lookout.

It’s a Quick-Step laminate flooring that offers you a lot of collection, design, with a mid-quality to the high-end level of laminate flooring. Made in the USA, this laminate flooring is the part of Mohawk Industries.

To understand the Quick-Step laminate flooring, you may read the article below.

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring History

Quick-Step laminate flooring first known globally after they join to Mohawk Industries as a part of flooring selling in the United States. Originally from Belgium, they developed a floating and lock laminate flooring system in the early of 1977.

After that, they patent it as their intellectual property. Now, that glueless technology called a Uniclic locking system.

The features also use by many laminate flooring brands.

They are selling lots of collection and design which varies from wood texture to carpet. The colours also offered in many ways, from light to dark.

It’s one of their pride in serving the laminate flooring in a wider range. From standard to high-quality, modern to rustic, you can find it in Quick-Step laminate flooring.

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Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Cost

Comparing cost to same things make us realize the benefit of each product. That also happens to the flooring thing. Let’s say, you want to install the hard floor.

You need it strong, polished, anti-stain and water-resistant. As for standard quality, the hard flooring cost from $8 – $10. It will cost more if you add some features like we already said before.

The expenses may be more of $10 and that does not include the installation.

Different from hard flooring, the Quick-Step laminate flooring is for about $2 – $8. No additional fee and that’s including the features. To make it stronger, you could add the underlayment.

For the Quick-Step laminate flooring, you may cost $0.60 square per foot. They also prepare for the trim to close the gap when installing the laminate flooring.

It may be quite pricey for flooring, but it’s worth the way to make your flooring strong.

The reason why Quick-Step put a price in that range because they have various choices and quality. It’s understandable since they design it and sorted it into specific styles so their customer will have more choice.

It is completely different from another brand who only have rustic or trendy styles.

The customer can’t explore and enrich their home decoration.

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Choices

The Quick-Step have a lot of flooring choices, like Carpet, Wood, and many others. But the laminate flooring of Quick-Step is Nature Tek, NatureTek Plus, and TrueTek.

Each of the choices has its construction and classification. You can understand the collection of their laminate flooring by reading this information below.

  1. NatureTek
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The first laminate flooring that most known for their water-resistant technology give the benefit of their feature. You may use it in your kitchen, but you can’t put them in the bathroom.

Although they can resist water, they can’t keep it for a long time. They absorb water may breakdown the durability of underlayment and laminate flooring. So, it is clear that you should use the NatureTek in a dry room.

  • NatureTek Plus

There is no big difference between NatureTek and NatureTek Plus. Both of the product has their Uniclic locking system, but the NatureTek Plus more resist if it comes to the water.

This laminate flooring can be mop with a wet mop or wet cloth. They also can be put in the bathroom.

  • TrueTek

Previously, the TrueTek name was Q-Wood. It was renamed because of the marketing purpose. Now, if you want to use hardwood flooring, you can use TrueTek for decorating your house.

Although it’s not laminate flooring, you may need to use it later. They have strong material and texture to be stepped in mass traffic.

It’s also safe for pet and children.

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Durability

Talking about durability, the Quick-Step laminate flooring has a good impression between the customer. It’s because their water-resistant system is work, and their tight-fitting joints make the gap close and strong.

They also have a warranty for pet life and water. When you are about pouring the water to the laminate flooring and it breaks, you can submit for the warranty.

For the wood-alike laminate flooring in NatureTek, they have sort of technology called GenuEdge. It allows the colour of wood to become real and the coating will not easily fade.

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They put a V forms in the edge of the planks, so it seems natural.

Quick-Step Laminate Flooring Special Feature

Not every laminate flooring considerate for complementary materials when installing the floor. Because it’s business, they just think about how to run it.

But it’s not applying for Quick-Step laminate flooring. They decide to form a glueless underlayment, automatic locking system and mimic real wood in their laminate flooring.

With their special feature, it will make the customer convenient to use of laminate flooring. The installation also helped with the level up technology.

It causes a simpler way to decorate home, fastest way to install the laminate flooring, and easiest way to reduce the expenses.

You can save it by buying another decoration for your house. After knowing the benefit of Quick-Step laminate flooring, you can easily choose which product you want to use.

It’s up to you from the modern and trendy collection to the wood collection. The important thing is, you have to know how to install them and to take care of them.

Laminate flooring is different from the other flooring. You need to maintain it by a microfiber cloth and laminate flooring cleaner. Good luck with that.

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